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The Australian Electronic Travel Authority Visa Service

ETA Visas:
This website is primarily dedicated to the Australian ETA Visa. You can get your ETA from this website via our safe and secure payment gateway.

We offer family ETA Visas and also Conference and Event ETA Visas and Business ETA Visas.

Other Australian Visas:
This site also offers information and services for other Australian visas such as the working holiday visa, Australian spouse visa, Australian business sponsorship visa and other similar services.

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) system has been successfully operating since 1999 with over 15 million travellers, to date, having chosen to come to Australia on ETA's. ETA's account for about 87.2 per cent of all tourist and short-term business visas issued.

Passport holders of 34 countries and locations can access ETA arrangements to visit, conduct business discussions or investigate business opportunities in Australia.

ETA's are available via the Internet through this website. Click here to buy your Last Minute ETA Visa online.

No visa label in your passport?
When your ETA visa is granted, and most common, you may not be given a physical visa label in your passport.

This is nothing to worry about, as immigration, customs officers and flight check in staff can easily check your visa details electronically against your passport number. You can also let other people such as employers check your visa information on-line using your passport.

Your Passport

Important #1
The first most important thing you must remember about not having a visa label in your passport is that you should use the same passport for travel to Australia that you used for your ETA visa application.

If you obtain a new passport after you have been granted your visa, you must advise the department of your new passport details and reapply for a new ETA Visa using the new passport.

It is especially important that you let us know about your new passport before you board your plane for travel to Australia otherwise you may experience significant delays at the airport and may not be allowed onto your plane.

Important #2
The second most important thing to remember is that when your passport expires, your ETA visa also expires and does NOT carry across to any newly issued visa. more important info

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